FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Reviews!

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Shelly Devore

I cannot say enough good things about this place. The instructors and fellow students have become such a "family" to me. People notice and care when your are gone and encourage and support when you are there. The classes are always great and engaging and not the same thing twice. Seriously look into it! Go try out a class. You won't be sorry!!!

Shelly Devore

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Dean Huffman

Ryan is the best of the best instructor in the area and we appreciate his time and dedication in his school . I am very pleased to be part of this fit to fight family... I'm telling this not only because I like him but it's the truth

Dean Huffman

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Lance Hester

Love this place. From the staff up front to the instructors. It doesn't matter if your a beginner in MMA or just looking to get into shape, this is the place to go! My only problem is the price!@ It's so affordable it's hard to believe you get so much for so little. Both my kids attend classes and fitness training here and my wife and I are trying to get the energy to enroll as well. Everyone needs to atleast go by and check them out. Once you do, you will be hooked!

Lance Hester

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Adam Coble

We searched for the best place with the best instructor/owner for Krav Maga, Fitness, and kid's program and thought we would need to join multiple centers...but we found it all here at FTF Gastonia. Ryan is the best in the business and the instructors here are great.

Adam Coble

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Amanda Monteith

Very welcoming staff. I have been going here for about 4 months now, I haven't been in this good of shape in about seven years! My kids have been here for a year now and its like a second home to them and it's improved there discipline and behavior.

Amanda Monteith

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Dylan Davis

Great environment, great partners, and some high fight IQ’s from some amazing instructors. Real life techniques for real life situations. Get here and get #FITTOFIGHT

Dylan Davis

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Jay Parsons

I have been a member of Fit To Fight Gastonia for many years. It is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. The instructors and members are family to me. Professionalism with a human caring touch. I started off weighing 225 lbs; I now weigh 175 lbs. All classes at FTF are both effective and street tested. I would have given FTF 10 stars if they let me.

Jay Parsons

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Crystal Stokes

I joined a couple of months ago. We initially visited to check out their children's martial arts program for our kids who are 6 (boy) and 5 (girl) - which we absolutely love - Amber does an incredible job. Once we decided to sign them up, we did a trial ourselves and immediately joined. I absolutely love how challenged I am - from the boxing & hIIT classes to sparring and self defense. More importantly though; is how welcoming everyone is - it is definitely a family like atmosphere, which is so awesome being the "new kid" doing something brand new.

Crystal Stokes

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Yancie Weathers-Costner

FTF has been so beneficial for my little family. My father started, loved it, and then got my son and I to come. The positive impact on physical fitness is great but I believe the biggest gains we have all had are in our self confidence. This place is so much more than just a gym or your standard kids karate studio. It's very special and Gastonia is lucky to have it!

Yancie Weathers-Costner

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Angie Acosta

Amber is great with the kids and she was great instructing the adults tonight at smash fit. My husband loves the BJJ classes!

Angie Acosta

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Ron Argabrite

Amber is one of the most talented instructors I've had the chance to meet. She has a way with her class. She helps not only in the class room but outside the class room. School work and respect is what she instills her youth.

Ron Argabrite

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Paul Wooton

Great teachers that care about their students. Very knowledgeable about their craft.

Paul Wooton

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Jeff.Shelly 'stover' DeVore

Seriously, this place is one of my absolute favorite places in the area. It truly feels like a family. Everyone encourages one another to keep improving! I really cannot say how much I enjoy this gym!

Jeff.Shelly 'stover' DeVore

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Sue Ferrand

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It carried me through some very difficult times. It broke my heart to have to leave when I moved back up north. But because of a video I watched during Hard Ready I had the courage to make the change. Thanks to everyone who I trained with over the years there. You are the best!

Sue Ferrand

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Jay Chapman

Great training great people (instructors and training partners) go check it out. FTf will work with to accomplish your goals and while doing so you will learn so much about yourself and much more!

Jay Chapman

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Tim Stevens III

I'm not what you would call a prime specimen of physical fitness however the instructors are very patient with this newbie! I just finished my 3rd class of Krav Maga and will definitely be signing up next week. On the way to getting in shape and being able to defend myself. Thanks to all who make it feel like family!

Tim Stevens III

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Cole Belk

Ftf is a great place where you can grow, not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but also in safety. You enter into a family here and it's hard to be removed from that family. Great experience

Cole Belk

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Matt Robinson

Amazing place to train...great family atmosphere...simply the best around!!! It is my second home...

Matt Robinson

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Aric Wallner

Excellent instructors that care about their students and help in any way they can! They encourage feedback and use it to improve the programs. My kids love it, I love it!

Aric Wallner

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Lee Fowler

A great and fun way to learn to defend yourself as well as a good work out. You couldn't ask for better people.

Lee Fowler

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Tim Alisa Conner

Great place to workout! Wonderful teachers! Everyone should try this place... You will love it!!

Tim Alisa Conner

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Linda Pilcher

It was great watching people learning to defend themselves. Everyone there was so nice!

Linda Pilcher

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Adam Christopher Huss

So glad I joined I'm really looking forward to learning a lot and getting myself in better shape

Adam Christopher Huss

FTF® Fitness And Self-Defense Brittany Dawn Hester

The classes there teach me a lot and helps me just incase something ever happens! Plus it keeps me in shape.

Brittany Dawn Hester

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