Back to School with PRIDE!

Back to School with PRIDE!

"Back to school" --- those 3 words mean a little something different to everyone. For many, the emotions are overwhelmingly positive. There's an excitement and buzz of energy around being back to school with friends and for parents, an excitement about reclaiming your own space and a "regular" schedule.

However, many students go back to school in fear. They struggle with conflict and understanding how to protect themselves. Whether it's the threat of bullies, difficulty learning, or trouble making new friends, the anxiety that comes with a return to school is a reality for many students. Our annual Beyond Bullies kids self-defense class is designed to lay the foundation for a successful school year. It encourages confidence, focus, and control as a way to handle conflicts both internally and externally. 

While learning valuable self-defense skills and lessons on how to interact with other classmates, this FREE intro class will give you and your child a chance to experience classes as an FTF® student and start the school year strong and confident.

In addition, we will be offering membership specials and a free uniform to all participants. If you've ever been interested in starting your child in a self-defense program, now is a great time to start! 

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