Paint It Pink!

Paint It Pink!

We had SO much fun at our Annual Paint It Pink Obstacle Course and Self-Defense Class

The Race:
Over 15 members spent their Friday night jumping, crawling, running, swinging, and punching for a GREAT cause. This year we were able to raise over $200 for The DeAngelo Williams Foundation. If you are interested in donating or learning more about DeAngelo Williams, his mom, the Foundation, and his story, follow this link: 
DeAngelo Williams

To kick off the obstacle course, participants did 10 Up Downs while jumping over a Revgear kick shield. They moved from there into the next room where they used Rage Balls for Ape Hops. The next station was the dreaded and yearly Power Wheel Crawl (oh it's so rough and so good for you!). Following that, participants went outside to complete:
10 Kettlebell SwingsFarmers Carry
Agility Work
A lap around the building

We are so proud of our committed members, young and old, who come together to support each other and their community. We couldn't exist without you!

The Center: 
At FTF® Gastonia, we believe that "defense from self" is a HUGE part of being the best version of you possible! That includes being fit, eating right, and getting appropriate diagnostics done, like mammograms. We are proud to partner with organizations, such as The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, to help those in our community live a safer, happier, and healthier life. 

Join Us In Gastonia And Train Like Never Before!

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