Holiday Special - 6 Week Membership

Holiday Special - 6 Week Membership

This 6 week special offer is the gift that lasts a lifetime.
Confidence, safety, strength, and health are just a small sample of benefits you get from a membership at FTF® !

This special membership, offered only twice a year, gives you FULL access to our class schedule for age and level appropriate classes. 
You are able to attend an UNLIMITED number of times.
And meet an incredible group of dedicated and encouraging members and staff. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 
1) Do I need any experience? Nope! All classes are beginner friendly and require no experience to start!

Do I have to use my 6 weeks NOW? Nope! You can start your 6 weeks any time in the next 6 months!

3) What classes can I take? ALL of our fitness classes, BJJ, Kickboxing (Sparology), and non-weapons self-defense classes are open to you!

4) Do I need any equipment? Nope! We can provide any gear you may need. Just wear athletic/comfortable clothing that you can move in. We suggest shorts or leggings that are at least knee length and shirts that aren't baggy. Oh, and if you aren't comfortable being barefoot, please have indoor only shoes to wear on the matted floor. 

5) What can I expect on Day 1? You'll arrive 5-10 minutes early for a tour, to fill out a waiver, and to meet your instructor. Other members will probably welcome you and come say hi so that you feel more at home! From there, you'll be properly warmed up and instructed throughout the class to make sure you have a fun and safe experience. Most classes include a short cool-down period and are followed by a few minutes to see how you enjoyed a class and help you plan your next one!

Join Us In Gastonia And Train Like Never Before!

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