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Learn the skills you need to stay safe and protect yourself while getting in shape. Defensive Options teaches Krav Maga, Judo, BJJ, and more to create the most effective self defense system for everyone.

Krav Maga Self Defense Is The Ultimate Self-defense System

Protect yourself in any situation with the best self defense system in the world. Krav Maga Self Defense was originally developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and is now being taught in Gastonia!

Experience A Workout That Will Change Your Life

Regular exercise has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness and body composition, while decreasing blood pressure and blood fat levels. A Krav Maga Self Defense class makes the exercise fun and exciting, led by a dynamic instructor who teaches the fundamentals of self defense, along with an incredible fat burning routine.

Krav Maga Self Defense Is About Self-defense, Fitness, And Unwavering Confidence

Bored of the gym scene? Looking for a new way to get in shape? Feel like it is time for you to learn how to realistically defend yourself? Developed by the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga deploys intuitive moves and ordinary inertia to disarm, restrain and dominate one’s opponents. In fact, Krav Maga moves are so instinctive that they can be mastered by people of all ages, sizes and any gender.

Krav Maga Self Defense will teach you to turn your opponents size, weight, and strength to your advantage.